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I am a Christian who is engaged to a Norse Heathen spirit worker. My fiance started me off on my own spiritual Renaissance when he began doing spirit work with Angels for my benefit. Now I help him with his work as I take my first steps into this new world.

Entities I have interacted with:

Gabriel - speaking through fiancé, dreams and my own invocation, I have a permanent connection to her.

Michael - Invocation and channeled through fiancé. Did not use words. I’m fairly sure I have a permanent connection.

Phanuel - Spoke through fiancé, sent me a very vivid dream.

Samael (angelic) - Spoke through fiancé, Permanently connected to me, has permission to hang out in my head and experience physical sensations.

Nalvage (angel of enochian) - Spoke through fiancé once. Not a good connection. Not well synced.

Lucifer - Spoke through fiancé. Sent me a nightmare once. May have talked with me on a separate occasion in a dream, though that might have just been a dream.

Odin - Spoke through fiancé twice. Has sent me dreams. Attacked me once while I was asleep. Doesn’t like angels.

Loki - Spoke through fiancé. Sends me dreams on occasion. I credit him to giving me the kick I needed to get seriously involved with spirit stuff.

Baldur - Has sent me a few dreams and has poked me awake on a few occasions.

Local Land Spirit - A bug troll. Has sent me a few dreams and gave me a headache once.

House spirit - I give offerings and my home feels cozy. I’ve had little communication with them.

Other demons - When fiancé does demon work, I can feel the presence of demons, but I don’t know who they are. Generally, I get headaches and my wings feel like they’re burning. Demons have also knocked stuff over in my house.


This makes me happy, and also would make a great loading icon!


This makes me happy, and also would make a great loading icon!

  • Benedick: "Average person makes 10 rude comments per day". Factoid actually just statistical error. Average person makes 0 rude comments per day. Spiders Beatrice, who lives in a cave and makes 100000000 rude comments a day because she has nothing better to do, is a statistical outlier adn should not be counted.
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River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

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This is what heaven looks like…

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"Laveyan" Satanism





'Layveyan' Satanism is the only Satanism. Lavey was the first and only person to codify Satanism as a religion. Calling it “Laveyan” Satanism suggests otherwise and is honestly quite hurtful to the term. “Theistic” Satanism doesn't exist and really should quit spreading bullshit on tumblr. 

I liked this so fast
Honestly it should be acceptable to say that your a satanist and not have to specify that you don’t worship satan. However there’s enough dummies in the world that don’t know the difference. Like one girl that sits with me at lunch always says that she is a satan worshipping satanist YET WEARS PAGAN SYMBOLS
And yes the direction of the pentagram makes a difference! If you think an inverted pentagram means the same as an upright one then I have no idea how you grasp the concept of the numbers 9 and 6. They look similar but are totally different things.
Surfing through the satanic tag just makes me angry anymore. Wicca isn’t satanic. Magick isn’t satanic. The devil isn’t satanic. Sure it’s kinda cool symbolism but no I don’t worship the devil.

This reply is just so incredibly wrong. 

"The devil isn’t satanic."




They’re a high school student. What’s the likelihood they’ve gotten to the section on persuasive essays and logical presentation?